Saturday, 13 May 2017

Tessa Hadley

Boston Globe: What are you reading currently?
Tessa Hadley: Rather old-fashionedly, I’ve just finished an Anita Brookner novel. I found one in a secondhand bookstore, a rather good one, Fraud. It has a happy ending, which is amazing because it stars one of her characteristically hopeless women.
Boston Globe: How many of Brookner’s books have you read?
Tessa Hadley: I thought most of them so it was a treat to find this. I love one of her first ones, A Start in Life, which is also one of her funniest. I’m a fan of hers. It’s hard to say why because she is a great skeptic about life, yet in her sentences one feels this wealth. That’s one of the enigmas about books. You can have lovely, warm books that leave you a little bit bored. Then you can have cruel books that seem like a feast because of the sentences and the intelligence.
'British writer drawn to books that are cruel . . . in the best sense', Boston Globe, 11 May 2017


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